By: Rosie

Vikrant Masi changed religion, father gave a befitting reply!

Vikrant Massey's brother, Moeen, converted to Islam at 17, supported by their family's acceptance and encouragement to follow his own path.

Massey reflects on his upbringing, witnessing debates on religion and spirituality due to his mother being Sikh and his father a Church-going Christian.

Despite relatives' questioning, Massey's father stood firm, asserting his son's right to choose his faith, highlighting the importance of individual autonomy.

Massey's decision to transition from a successful TV career to Bollywood stemmed from a desire to pursue more meaningful and fulfilling work in cinema.

Despite financial security from TV, Massey felt discontent with the regressive content, prompting him to seek greater artistic satisfaction in the film industry.

Massey's parents initially reacted with shock to his career shift, given his substantial earnings of ₹35 lakh per month at just 24 years old.

His decision to leave TV, despite a lucrative contract, was driven by a pursuit of personal fulfillment and peace.

Massey's performance as real-life IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma in "12th Fail" earned him widespread acclaim, culminating in the Critics Award for Best Actor at the 69th Filmfare Awards.

Through his experiences, Massey delves into questions of identity, faith, and the pursuit of happiness, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself.

Massey's journey underscores the significance of self-discovery and authenticity in navigating life's complexities and finding true fulfillment.