The Highest Heels in the World

The obsession and love for high heels have driven billionaires and celebrities to extreme lengths in pursuit of height. In this article, we will explore the top 10 highest heels in the world and the astonishing stories behind them.

10: Giuseppe Zanati Woman’s Wedge Heels

Italian brand Giuseppe Zanati is renowned for its bold and red carpet-worthy creations. These dreamy suede heels feature a strategic T-shaped strap and a curved wedge, making walking a comfortable experience. With a 6.9-inch heel, these heels are designed to provide support and security. They can be yours for $673, or you can wait for the sales.

 Giuseppe Zanati Woman’s Wedge Heels
Giuseppe Zanati Woman’s Wedge Heels

9: Christian Louboutin’s Fetish Ballerine

Inspired by the movie Black Swan, Christian Louboutin created a nude point shoe covered in Swarovski crystals. The surprising feature of these luxurious shoes is the 8-inch stiletto heel, which requires the wearer to balance on the tips of their toes. Part of the fetish exhibition at the Gallery du Passage in Paris, these shoes were not designed for practical or long-term wear.

8: Vivienne Westwood’s Super Elevated Ghillie Shoes
Vivienne Westwood’s Super Elevated Ghillie Shoes

8: Vivienne Westwood’s Super Elevated Ghillie Shoes

Contemporary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood created a pair of ghillie-style lace-up shoes in honor of the traditional Scottish Highland ghillie worn by dancers. Made with blue leather to imitate the texture of crocodile skin, these shoes feature a huge 9-inch heel. These heels gained fame when supermodel Naomi Campbell fell on a London catwalk while wearing them.

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7: Lady Gaga’s Pleaser Boots

Lady Gaga is known for her extravagant style, and her favorite footwear is these imposing boots with a staggering 10-inch height. She has been spotted wearing them at important events, photo sessions, and even in her daily life. Made of synthetic leather, these boots are surprisingly affordable at only $152.

7: Lady Gaga’s Pleaser Boots
Lady Gaga’s Pleaser Boots

6: Alexander McQueen Boots

Alexander McQueen, known for his quirky and glamorous designs, created platform boots with a 12-inch heel that extends up to the thigh. These futuristic boots were worn by supermodel Heidi Klum on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Although they were never mass-produced, a German brand called Cronier Creations offers a similar design with a 12-inch heel.

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 Alexander McQueen Boots
Alexander McQueen Boots

5: Mihai Albu Triple Wedges

Romanian designer Mihai Albu pushes the boundaries of shoe design with his cutting-edge triple wedge heels. These shoes, which break all the rules, stand at a staggering height of 12.2 inches, equivalent to three stories. Known for his eccentric creations, Albu combines mathematics, architecture, and art in his unique designs.

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4: Lady Beware Lace-Up Platform Shoes

These lace-up platforms hold the Guinness World Record for the highest heels commercially available at 16 inches. Designed by Lady Beware Limited, these shoes were sold in England for a hefty price of £1,167. Unfortunately, they are no longer available on the market.

4: Lady Beware Lace-Up Platform Shoes
Lady Beware Lace-Up Platform Shoes

3: Lady Gaga Nude Heels

Lady Gaga never fails to make a statement with her fashion choices. She was photographed wearing these nude-colored flats with a 19-inch platform. Designed by Noritaka Tatehana, these heels are a true testament to Gaga’s daring style. Despite taking a few tumbles while wearing them, she remains glamorous and unstoppable.

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2: James Samuel Young Boots

These Indian designer boots hold the Guinness World Record for the highest heels commercially available. With a platform height of 20 inches, these boots are not for the faint-hearted. James Samuel Young created these skyscraper-like shoes in 2004, cautioning customers about potential injuries while wearing them.

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1: Lady Gaga Roxheal

Lady Gaga, the official ambassador of extreme high heels, takes the top spot with her Roxheal platforms. These towering black platforms reach an astonishing height of 24 inches. Worn by Gaga at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2011, these heels solidified her status as a fashion icon. Designer Noritaka Tatehana deserves credit for creating these iconic shoes.


From Italian luxury brands to avant-garde designers, the world of high heels has seen extraordinary creations that defy gravity. Whether it’s for fashion, art, or personal expression, these towering heels have become iconic symbols of style and extravagance. So, tell us, how many inches are your favorite heels?

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