Celeb Beauty Secrets! 8 Weird Hacks From Your Fave Stars

The  world  has  always  been  openly  fascinated  with  the  seemingly flawless  beauty  of  Hollywood  celebrities.  From  their  immaculate hairstyles  to  their  unblemished  skin  tones,  one  wonders  about  their impeccable genes. Or is it something else?

Maybe  some  carefully  applied  concealer  or  an  amazing  moisturising lotion,  how  about  some  miraculous  hair  spray  that  works  wonders  on your long locks? Well whatever it is, it’s about time we found out. Turns out some of these women use some rather unusual beauty products to achieve that ethereal glow. And by unusual we mean kitty litter and beer beverages unusual.

So let’s get in on  some of the most famous beauty  secrets that would make  you  furrow  your  brows  and  question  everything  you  thought  you

1. Numero Uno! Lip Balm Eyeliner!

British supermodel Miranda Kerr has a few tricks up her sleeves when it comes  to  her  makeup  routine.  She  follows  a  more  non  conventional method  of  applying  her  beauty  products.  Miranda  has  a  specific  eye routine. It follows using a shimmery lip balm in the inner corners of her eyes. 

image 7 29

This  nude,  glossy  balm  bring  her  baby  blue  eyes  to  life  and accentuates her faint pink eye shadow. Cosmetic gurus advise against using a lip gloss for this procedure as it may clog the pores and leave behind a sticky finish. Well with Miranda’s look, she’s definitely doing something right. Maybe it’s all in the eyes.

2. Numero Dos! Beer Shampoo!

So what’s the secret behind Catherine Zeta Jones’ silky brunette locks? Beer  of  course!  That’s  right.  Well  it  should  really  come  as  no  shock, since  beer  was  one  of  the  main  ingredients  that  our  ancestors  of  old used to primp their plush hair. Apparently the beer captures any grease and oils caught in the hair and leaves it fresh and smooth.

Beer Shampoo

After a wash, take a mug full of beer and dab it through your locks. Once this is complete, wrap your hair in a plastic foil  and  let  the  beer  sit  for  about  five  to  ten  minutes. Rinse  thoroughly There  are  of  course  easier ways  to  get  this  done. Park Avenue  has  a new  beer  shampoo  that  makes  the  hair  smooth  and  sleek  and  even gives it a faint beer­y scent.

3. Numero Tres! Kitty Litter?

Let’s be honest. If there’s one thing that Snooki is known for it’s her big shiny hair. She brought the hair puff back into style and revealed much of  her  primping  and  hair  care  routines  during  her  time  on  the  hit  T.V. show that brought her global fame ; ”Jersey Shore”. There is one thing that you might not know about her. That is she wears a face mask made from kitty litter to exfoliate her pores. Gross, but is it effective?

nooki is known for it’s her big shiny hair
nooki is known for it’s her big shiny hair

Well Snooki sure stands by it. The large granules in kitter litter might be reminiscent of an ordinary face pack. But certain dermatologists have claimed that kitty litter can in fact damage your skin and lead to inflammations. It also absorbs much of the water from your skin and leaves it dehydrated. If  this  isn’t  enough  to  deter  you  from  this  novel  beauty  technique  then maybe  the  scent  alone  will.  A  better  alternative  to  kitty  litter  is  baking soda. Either  in  a  concoction  of water  or with  honey,  it  truly  does work wonders for those tired pores.

N4. úmero Cuatro! Avocado!

One  of  the  most  natural  hair  remedies  is  avocado.  At  least  Denise Richards seems to think so. She can’t get enough of this beautiful fruit. It’s the only thing that she’s willing to feed her hair. Avocado has healing chemicals that repair and revitalize damaged hair.


Denise uses it to deeply condition her hair. A useful tip is to couple it with about a tablespoon of olive oil and gently dab it onto the strands of your hair while trying to avoid the scalp. Overdoing it will lead to an overly oil and greasy look.

Numero…5! Toothpaste!

Jennifer Love Hewitt believes she’s found the perfect cure for a case of the zits. She applies a dollop of toothpaste onto a budding  pimple and dries  it  over  night.  Although  most  of  us  have  at  some  point  used  this technique,  experts  say  it’s  better  to  refrain  from  doing  so.  Toothpaste has  several  abrasive  materials  that  corrode  the  skin. 


Plus  it  does absolutely  nothing  to  kill  the  bacteria  that  live  under  those  pores. Toothpaste also leaves behind unsightly red marks. The best method is to  stick  to  the  tried  and  true  methods  of  acne  reduction.  Natural remedies like apple cider, lemon and honey work best. Also any cream with salicylic acid will work wonders.

Numero 6! Tape!

Pop  singer  Lady  Gaga  use  gauze  and  tape  to  carefully  extract  her flamboyant eye makeup after a grueling live show in front of thousands. She  pairs  her  glittery  outfits  with  equally  glittery  makeup.  Problem  is glitter is quite hard to remove and can lead to sore skin. Fabric tape is the  best  alternative  to  remove  eye  makeup  without  causing  any  skin abrasions.  Although  one  should  stick  to  the  conventional  makeup remover and cold water if one has unduly sensitive skin.

Numero 7! Ketchup!

Hollywood actress Sienna Miller has stuck to this through thick and thin. She  accidentally  used  henna  to  dye  her  blond  locks.  Henna  is  a  very powerful and  vibrant dye and not  so easy to get rid off. She  says that adding a bowl of ketchup to her hair and letting it sit for a couple minutes got rid of the henna in no time. Experts  are  a  little  dubious  when  it  comes  to  this  particular  treatment. They suggest going to a salon or using rubbing alcohol with a generous dollop of mineral oil to get your hair corrected.

Teri Hatcher  sure loves herself 

Numero 8! Red Wine!

Teri Hatcher  sure loves herself  some red wine and not just in a glass. After a grueling day on the sets of her movies, she douses her bath tubwater in a generous helping of red wine and soaks in the concoction for hours on end. She believes it is the best solution to get flawless, blemish free skin. Red wine has tartaric acid.

image 7 34

This acid help open the pores and exfoliates  the  skin.  Although  important  to  note,  it  would  take  a  dozen bottles  of  wine  and  a  dozen  soaks  before  any  changes  become noticeable.  Wine  is  also  known  to  further  irritate  any  pre  existing scratches or abrasions you might have on your skin.

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