How to Look Beautiful and Attractive (with Pictures)

I am sure we all love to look good.  We all want to look Beautiful and attractive. We feel very anxious about our appearance.

I promise after reading this article you will always look attractive and appealing to your mates who will make you look elegant and good.

Firstly to always look good you must try to maintain your skin.

To do these always try to spend few minutes before bed and after your daily activities on your skin.

What do you do?

Wash your face and rinse thoroughly with water. Doing this allows you remove dirt from your pore holes. Ensure you remove all makeovers before going to the bed. While rinsing your face ensure you target areas where wrinkles tend to pop up on your face (your eyes and your mouth).

To ensure you also, taking your bath twice daily makes you smell and look nice. Taking your bath makes you look Beautifull and attractive. Doing this also keeps you going on and makes you look prettier.

Firstly to always look good you must try to maintain your skin.

Your hair is your pride

  • Always ensure washing your hair is part of your regular schedule.
  • Think of the type of hair and scalp you are having.
  • If you are the type with a tender scalp, you don’t need to wash your hair very often to avoid damage of the skin caused by the use of shampoo and hair relaxers.
  • Simply, think of the best routine you can follow to make your hair look good. It’s advisable to always wash your hair every three days.

Note: you don’t need to wash your hair daily.

Your hair is your pride

Take care of your nails

Always cut your nails to keep them low. Try cutting them after you take your bath because at that time the nails tend to be very soft. Trimming your nails makes you look presentable without spending loads of cash of manicure and pedicure. It is also good for your hygiene. And also prevent pathogens from hiding in the nails.

Trim your nails

Your body hair

Your body hair includes hairs in your pubic part. Try to shave hairs in the armpit daily. Ensure your legs are not too hairy. And finally, ensure you clean your brows weekly.

Put on deodorants and perfumes

Also as a way to make you smell nice, you can put up deodorants or perfumes. While using the perfume you must ensure that you are not using it in excess.

Put on deodorants and perfumes

Your teeth and tongues

The normal rule is to brush twice in a day, doing this helps you avoid bad breath. At night always wash your mouth.  Washing your teeth helps get rid of bacteria. You can always chew gum or take mints to keep your mouth active, appealing and sweet.

image 12 18

Always smile

Nobody wants to come close to someone that is not jovial and friendly. Nobody wants to move with someone that is always frowning. Putting up a smile helps you look more attractive. Research has also shown that smiling makes you look younger and more beautiful that is for girls and more handsome for boys.

Exercise the body, try going for sports and ensure you stay fit

Always exercise your body. Regular exercise makes you look fit and healthy. Most individuals you meet won’t like to move with people that are too plump, shaggy or thin. Constant exercise will make you lose excess fat, makes you feel more pretty and confident.

Engaging in sports, exercising your body makes you strong, healthy and feels happy.

image 12 15

Always stay active

How can you achieve this? All you need to do is to always do things in a natural way. Use a staircase instead of a lift, Walk out with friends and some other activities that keep you active.

Other steps you could take that are not natural include wearing a makeup

Makeups help in enhancing your natural beauty. Use of makeups don’t just enhance your beauty, it also helps in covering your flaws.

Making hairs

Plait hairs in order to look more pretty and beautiful, take much time in looking for the best hairstyle that we are suitable for you. Plaiting hairs makes one look prettier.

Wear good clothes

Dress in clothes that make you look good and enticing to others. Don’t dress in your friend’s clothes just because it fits her. What works for her may not work well for you. So therefore when choosing clothes that fits you. Dress in clothes that make you look beautiful and pretty. Be aware of alternative dress, after choosing a kind of dress you can consider an alternative that will also be suitable.

Wear good clothes

Also, choose clothes with hues that match your complexion. Doing this makes you feel elegant.

Mind your body shape

To look beautiful always mind your body shape. Avoid growing too thin or too fat. Your body mass index must be very appropriate. If you are the type of an hourglass shape, dress in clothes that bring out your nice curves. If you have the banana shape, don’t hesitate to wear clothes that play up your slender figure, try using belts and cropped jackets. Dress in a way that will match your body shape.

Take extra care of your skin

  • Taking your bath and shower daily will help you have a beautiful skin but there are other steps you can take to maintain your body complexion.
  • Use cleansers on your face, you can also mix your cleanser with lotion to exfoliate.
  • Another extra care you can do to take care of your skin is removing blackheads and treating your skin.
  • After you may have done all the steps and tips stated above you need to pay attention to your posture.

Practice good posture

Firstly, always practice good posture, the way you lift and carry yourself hives people a snapshot view of how you feel. Don’t walk with pride but ensure while walking you are communicating confidence.

How do you walk to communicate confidence?

Always walk with your head high, don’t look at the ground. Don’t raise your shoulders; try to balance your weight on both legs. Don’t walk on your tip toes and finally walk with poise.

Also, try spending few minutes of your day on learning a good posture, Ensure you don’t drag your feet while walking, swivel your hips lightly to avoid back pain.

How can I look beautiful and attractive?
How can I look pretty naturally?
How can I make my face beautiful?
How can I make myself look pretty?


How can I look beautiful and attractive?

Confidence and self-care.

How can I look pretty naturally?

Embrace your natural features.

How can I make my face beautiful?

Healthy skincare routine.

How can I make myself look pretty?

Personal grooming and style.

And finally, brighten up your mood. Smile when greeting someone, always smile.

On a final note, if you follow all these steps I bet you will always look radiant, beautiful and attractive.

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