One of the most frustrating girl problems is maintaining long hair. After all, dealing with knotty frizzy hair is not only time consuming but also, painful. However, it is easy to avoid these troubles if you minimize the tangling. This is how you keep the tangles at bay..

  • Most of us have got the shampooing all wrong. Instead of focusing on tresses, shampoo only the roots since dirt only accumulates on the scalp. The lather formed when shampooing travels down to your strands and is enough to wash away the dirt on them.

2) Not enough oil might be one of the reasons why you have frizz in your hair. Nourishing with oil and using that bottle of conditioner after each wash is very essential for hair to remain healthy, otherwise they can dry up resulting in frizz and tangled strands. You can also use serum on your semi dry hair.

3) A messy bun is usually our rescue by midday. However cute it may look, it definitely spoils the quality of your hair. The correct way to tie your hair up in a bun is by holding all your strands of hair and twisting them up before tying them.


4) Hair also gets tangled when you sleep. It’s important to brush your hair thoroughly before you sleep to prevent this. Also, you should never sleep with your lose hair. It can cause split ends. Tie it up in a bun to avoid tangles. Avoid using elastics so that your hair does not get stuck in the elastics.


5) Braids are the best thing that can happen tour hair. You braid your hair in the morning, be it a fishtail braid or a normal braid, the braid will just stay even if you jump pr dance or do whatever you feel like.

6) Brush your hair 2-3 times a day to avoid knots. Make sure you use a soft bristle comb to do so. If you’re one of those girls who has their hair let down all day then it’s pretty essential you brush your hair 3-4 times a day to prevent tangles. Also, make sure you always brush them after a wash. It’s better you do so after applying serum and after they are completely dry to avoid breakage.

Keep doing this and you’ll thank us later..


What keeps hair from tangling?

Regularly brushing your hair, particularly at night, helps prevent tangles. Additionally, using the right hair products, avoiding product buildup, and keeping your hair moisturized contribute to smoother strands.

How do I make my hair not tangled?

Brush or comb your hair regularly, especially after washing it.
Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle from ends to roots.
Saturate your hair with conditioner before detangling.
Rinse with cool water to keep strands smooth and separate

What prevents matting and tangling hair?

Regular trims to prevent split ends.
Hydrate your hair with deep conditioning treatments.
Use silk pillowcases to reduce friction.
Comb your hair after washing it.

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