Top 10 Short Hairstyles Especially for Women

Most people believe having short and thin hair is the end of their hair styling story of which I am against. I promise after reading this article, you will thank me for writing on this and you will see different types of short hairstyles for women

There are many amazing, beautiful and lovable short hairstyles for fine hair, but for the essence of this article, we will be looking at the top ten short hairstyles especially for women.

To style fine hair, the first step that needs to be carried out is to dry the root of the hairs using a blow drier. The blow drier will make the hair dry and you will then use a brush or curling iron to give the tips good finish.  You can also apply styling products.

Without wasting time, let’s start with the first short hairstyle for fine hair.

1. Brown bob with short layers

The hairstyle is a perfect match for those working in the office. It’s simple and straight, all you need to do is to cut your short hair into an exact bob shape but endeavor to leave the front strand so that some part of the hair creates a frame on your face. Divide your hair and cut a soft fringe into one part of the hair.

Make the back layers of the hair shorter to get an exact bob shape. Disarrange or crumple the hair lightly to give it a fantastic look and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Brown bob with short layers

2. Brown curved bob with highlights

This is another short hairstyle that will match any dressing and will also match any outing. This also requires cutting a bob into the hair (ensure the end of the hair has a smooth curved edge), make sure the hair is longer at the front and shorter at the back.

Make the hair straight and smooth to give it a perfect glossy finish. The hair must look fuller and this can be done by playing with the layers.

Brown curved bob with highlights
Brown curved bob with highlights

3. Silver pixie with full fringe

The silver pixie with full fringe is another beautiful hairstyle that has got me thinking of doing it next.  The silver pixie will also give a gorgeous look and will add full fringes. To get the best from this hairstyle, cut the bottom layer of your head very low and allow the top layer fall softly around the head.

If the bottom layer is low and the top layer is left to fall slightly, it creates a fringe that looks amazing. Ensure the hair is straight and smooth to show the cut below the head. I am sure you loved this already and you will like to have this hairstyle.

image 12 21

4. Asymmetrical bob with highlight

This hair is one of the trendiest short hairstyles for fine hair. This hairstyle is usually copied for fine hair because of its outstanding look. Another point is that this hairstyle is also easy. All you need to do is to crop your short hair into a bob, ensure the front hair is longer than the back hair. Then you continue with the rest of the hair to the top of the head results in a choppy layer.

Divide your hair to one side and make a sweeping fringe.  You can then give it a final touch with a blonde highlight all-round the hair.#NOShort pixie Hairstyle for fine hair.

image 12 22

5. Short pixie hairstyle for fine hair

From the name, this hairstyle does not need the introduction to tell you it is a short hairstyle for fine hair. This hairstyle is a cool and lively hairstyle. Crop the hair into different layers and make light reflect off the short layer.

For this hairstyle, the hair at the side of the face is longer while the hair at the nape of the neck is shorter. To make the hair look trendier, cut the side hair in an asymmetrical pattern.

image 12 23

6. Short tapered hairstyle for fine hair

This hairstyle is eye-catching. 90% of short hairstyle lovers love the short tapered hairstyle due to its simplicity and uniqueness. At the crown of the head, create a volume and body. This hairstyle needs a blow drier to help make the hair glossy and smooth looking.

image 12 24

7. Short curly hairstyle

This hairstyle is a very popular short hairstyle for fine hair that is rocked by most celebrities with short hair. To make this is also simple. All you need to do is to cut the hair into two parts and make the shorter part of the hair go over the ear.

This hairstyle is very cool and also chic. After you have parted the hair into two, you can then apply a small amount of the hairspray to the short curly hairstyle to make it look perfect and to give it that trendy look that you have been craving for.

image 12 25

8. Darker end asymmetric short haircut for faces with heart shape

This hairstyle is also another short hairstyle, it is very similar to the Asymmetrical bob with highlight but it has got a unique feature. This asymmetrical cutting has darker hair at the ends. The darker end hair is the unique feature of the hairstyle and it also makes the hair look more special and attracting.

image 12 26

9. Balayage lob (Smooth and  Straight bob cut)

This bob is a unique short hairstyle because unlike other short hair hairstyles who have one part of the hair longer than the other, the balayage hairstyle is straight and smooth with all hairs having the same length all through.

image 12 27

10. Silver wedged short haircuts

All you need to do for this is to follow the process for making a bob hairstyle and keeping the top section of the hair longer than the underneath layer. To make the underneath layer short, you can cut them a little. This hairstyle will be at the best when it is rocked as a black grey color.

image 12 28


What is the new 2024 short haircut?

The new 2024 short haircut are Textured pixie, Squoval bob, Long pixie, and Modern shag.

What is the best short hairstyle for over 50?

Consider individual style and preferences! Pixie variations, Bobs in various lengths, Short shags, Consult a stylist for personalized recommendations.

What is the best hairstyle for a 60 year old woman?

No single “best” hairstyle exists! Factors to consider: Face shape, hair texture, lifestyle, personal preferences. Explore modern variations of classic styles like bobs and pixies.

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