Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Welcome to the extraordinary realm of luxury fruits, where the price tags are as impressive as the flavors. From the renowned $8,400 Ruby Roman grapes to the infamous $45,000 Yubari King melon, these fruits redefine opulence in the culinary world.

Join us on a journey to discover the rare, unique, and exceptionally high-quality fruits that have earned their place among the world’s most expensive.

1. Danuki Watermelon: Hokkaido’s Exclusive Gem

Venturing to Japan, we encounter the illustrious Danuki watermelon, reigning supreme as the world’s priciest watermelon. Hailing from Hokkaido Island, these watermelons boast a price tag of $6,100, gracing the tables of the elite. With a sweeter taste, blacker finish, and limited production of 10,000 annually, Danuki watermelons are a symbol of exclusivity.

Danuki Watermelon: Hokkaido's Exclusive Gem
Danuki Watermelon: Hokkaido’s Exclusive Gem

2. Ruby Roman Grapes: Jewels of Ishikawa

In the Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan, we find the extraordinary Ruby Roman grapes, each bunch commanding an astounding $8,400. Known for their size, strict selection process, and minimal production, these grapes are a symbol of luxury. In 2021, only six grapes passed the stringent criteria, making them not just rare but also the world’s most expensive grapes.

Ruby Roman Grapes: Jewels of Ishikawa
Ruby Roman Grapes: Jewels of Ishikawa

3. Uni Fruti Japan’s Shasi Bananas: A Design Delight

Designed by Japanese artist nendo, Uni Fruti Japan’s Shasi bananas redefine packaging aesthetics. Priced at $6 each, these bananas come with a double-layered sticker, mimicking the banana peel’s texture and color. The Shasi banana’s story unfolds when the outer sticker is peeled back, creating a unique and engaging experience for consumers.

Uni Fruti Japan's Shasi Bananas: A Design Delight

4. Bijin Hime Strawberry: A Royal Treat

Prepare to be astonished by the $375 price tag on a single piece of Bingi Hy strawberries from Okuda Farms. Weighing 100g and three times larger than regular strawberries, these crimson jewels boast exceptional sweetness, shine, fragrance, and color. Each piece is a testament to quality, making it a true indulgence.

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5. Saton Nishiki Cherries: Record-Breaking Elegance

In a Tokyo auction, 1 kg of Saton Nishiki cherries fetched an astonishing 1.3 million yen, setting a record high. Hailing from the cherry-producing region of Higashine in northern Japan, these cherries, part of the Higashine Cherry brand, exemplify premium quality and are highly sought after.

Saton Nishiki Cherries: Record-Breaking Elegance

6. Deco Pon Citrus Fruit: Exotic Elegance

Originating in Japan, the Deco Pon citrus fruit captivates with its sweet combination of Orin and Mandarin. Priced at $80 for a pack of six, these oranges stand out for their juiciness, unique shape, and firm rind. A succulent alternative to regular oranges, Deco Pon is a must-try for those seeking an exotic vitamin C boost.

Deco Pon Citrus Fruit: Exotic Elegance

7. Cornwall Pineapples: Victorian Rarity

In the lush gardens of Cornwall, England, pineapples are grown using a unique Victorian method. Priced at $1,500 per pineapple, these exclusive fruits are cultivated in a pineapple pit, incorporating fresh horse manure and hay soaked in urine. The labor-intensive process contributes to their rarity and premium cost.

Cornwall Pineapples: Victorian Rarity
Cornwall Pineapples: Victorian Rarity

8. Tao no Tomago Mangos: Eggs of the Sun

From the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan, the Tao no Tomago mangos, translating to “Eggs of the Sun,” boast a minimum weight of 350g and a rich ruby-red color. Packed with beta-carotene, folic acid, and antioxidants, these healthy yet expensive fruits sold for a record $3,000 for a pair.

Tao no Tomago Mangos: Eggs of the Sun

9. Sakai Ichi Apples: World’s Largest Apples

Grown in Japan, the Sakai Ichi apples are among the largest in the world, with a circumference of 15 inches and weighing around 2 pounds each. Priced at $12 per apple, they offer a delightful combination of sweetness and juiciness, hand-pollinated and cleaned in honey for an enhanced taste.

Sakai Ichi Apples: World's Largest Apples

10. Durian: The Controversial King Fruit

Known as the king fruit in Asia, the durian commands high prices, with a single fruit from North Aburi, Thailand, costing $380. Despite its unpleasant smell, durian’s luxury status, rising demand, and challenges in production and transportation contribute to its expensive nature.

 Durian: The Controversial King Fruit
Durian: The Controversial King Fruit

14. Buddha-Shaped Pears: Divine Elegance

Crafted by Chinese farmer GA XI Jang, these Buddha-shaped pears are a visual delight. Inspired by the legend of magical fruit grown in the Buddha’s shape, these pears took six years to perfect. Priced at $9 each, they come with a promise of immortality, making them not just fruit but a symbol of divine elegance.

Buddha-Shaped Pears: Divine Elegance
Buddha-Shaped Pears: Divine Elegance

12. Yubari King Melon: The Apex of Opulence

The pinnacle of extravagance in the fruit world, the Yubari King melon, reigns supreme. With an average price of $112,000 per melon and a record-breaking sale at $45,000, these melons are a symbol of prestige and exclusivity. Grown in greenhouses with meticulous care, Yubari King melons are offered as prestigious gifts during traditional festivals.

Yubari King Melon: The Apex of Opulence


In conclusion, the world of expensive fruits is a fascinating blend of rarity, craftsmanship, and culinary artistry. Each fruit on this list tells a story of dedication, innovation, and a pursuit of the extraordinary. While some may see these prices as extravagant, for others, the experience of indulging in these rare and luxurious fruits is worth every penny. Whether it’s the sweetness of Ruby Roman grapes, the unique shape of square watermelons, or the divine elegance of Buddha-shaped pears, these fruits redefine the boundaries of culinary extravagance.


What is most expensive fruit in the world?

Yubari King Melon (Japan): Crowned the king for a reason, these melons can fetch a whopping $45,000!

What is the rarest fruit?

The Tasmanian Treehopper: This cherry-sized fruit, native to Tasmania, Australia, is incredibly rare due to its dependence on a specific type of cicada for pollination. It’s not commercially available and protected by the Tasmanian government.

What is China expensive fruit?

Dapu Strawberry: These delicate berries, grown in greenhouses under strict conditions, can cost up to $700 per pound! Their intense sweetness and flawless appearance make them a luxury treat in China.

What is the most expensive fruit in the UK?

Norfolk Island Pinesap: Found only on Norfolk Island, this pineapple relative with a pine-like flavor can sell for around £40 ($52) each. Its limited availability and unique taste contribute to its high price.

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